Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Year Later...

A year ago, I put my fingers to typing and opened my thoughts to the universe. It started as a way for me to self-reflect and appreciate all the joys each sunrise and new day brings.  I have enjoyed sharing more of my personal journey and connecting with so many others. I find we are all more connected than we may believe and this really is a small world after all.

I want to thank all of you who have been so kind and supportive of this writing adventure of mine. I never planned to write a blog or take so many pictures. But it's been a wonderful learning experience and allowed me to figure out where I wanted all of this writing to truly go.

So for now I may not be blogging or reporting in as often, but instead focusing my time on putting the final touches on my first book. I am turning a new page (pun intended) and going after a long-time dream of mine. Hopefully by next spring my writing will be appearing in a bookstore near you or at least on a few of my friends and family's bookshelves. Until then, I wish all of you a beautiful year and encourage you to keep seeing the sunrise.