Friday, November 14, 2014

Falling Back

These past few weeks I have taken a little more time to reflect on my past, look to the future and give my present a chance to breath.  I have found I am guilty of making myself feel guilty.  I have a feeling we all do this to ourselves.  I know a few people close to me have admitted to doing the same more than is necessary. 

Feeling guilty for not eating enough vegetables and too many pieces of cheese, for skipping a work out to watch another episode of Scandal or for snuggling with a really cute Beagle before getting back to all the emails.  Whatever you're "guilty" choices and pleasures may be, why do we feel to make them guilty? 

We still find the time to cook a homemade dinner (re-heated take-out totally counts), take the dogs for a walk, and complete multiple tasks at work all within a day.  So why choose to focus on the guilt part and ignore all the productive and wonderful things happening through out our days and in our lives? 

I have been trying to focus my thoughts on the good and being grateful for all parts of life.  Even if you are having a bad day and can't see how it could get better, take a few moments and think of three things you are grateful for right then instead of piling on guilt for things you didn't do or don't have.  It sounds a little silly, but try it.  You might just find those three little blessings are all it takes to move forward with positivity and a smile.  

Enjoy the weekend.



  1. Scandal, cheese, please! Sometimes we need those little joys to keep us going in this busy world. Happy weekend! :] // ☼ ☯

    1. So glad you agree, Carmen. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!