Monday, November 24, 2014

Thankful Thinking

It is very important and humbling to give thanks all year long, not just on Thanksgiving day.  Some days when all you can think about is what you want or what you do not have, an easy way to guarantee a thought change is being thankful for what you already have in your life.  I wanted to share my list of five things I am thankful for right in this very moment.  I have been taking a few minutes every day to list off three to five things I can smile about, laugh about, and that fill my heart with joy.  It quickly changes my mood, puts be back on track and puts my life in perspective.  I think you will all quickly find how much easier it is to be grateful for who and what has already blessed our lives and be thankful for another day to strive for more blessings and joys in life.  

1.  Family~A few weeks ago my family shared a very special moment; we all became neighbors!  It was a few seconds frozen in time where everyone was simply happy to love one another and grateful for actually being excited to only live a few minutes apart from one another.

2. Animals~Those who know me already have learned my love for animals.  And for those who don't, I am grateful every day for having enough love in my heart to share with all of our animals.  I feel so lucky to be loved unconditionally by so many four legged angels.  

3.  Chocolate~No other words needed, just thankful.

4.  Nature~For letting me stay active, for allowing me to take deep breaths to fill my lungs with strength and peace, and to enjoy all the simple elements that hold so much beauty.

5.  Grapes~Because they make wine.

I would love to hear what all of you are thankful for right this moment.  Please share and encourage those around you to take the time and give thanks.  


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