Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

It's been a busy past few weeks.  With life filled with lots of great challenges, road blocks, and a few nights lasting way too late, I've taken some extra time to stay quiet and just be.  As the year comes to an end, I have found myself naturally reflecting back on the year and critically judging myself.  Not celebrating the highs enough and focusing possibly too much on the lows. 

I've been working on accepting that negative energy is part of life, but being able to accept it, push it away, and move forward has become my new project I'm working on this time of year.  It has been necessary for me to literally take a few breaths, count my blessings (no matter how corny that sounds-you need to do it), and smile.  I am a true believer in making yourself happy first and not depending on only others making you happy. It's a recipe for disappointment and sadness and not a fulfilling way to go through this life. 

I may be all over with my thoughts and there is not a real theme for this post other than I am all over the place right now. Holiday activities, present shopping, animals needing to go to the vet, work overload, more animals needing to go to the vet, and trying to enjoy it all sometimes takes an extra cup of coffee and a few Christmas cookies for breakfast. Other days it's necessary to just drop what your doing and spend some time with the ones you love and really be in the moment. 

Right now it's important to enjoy who and what is already in your life and just be.  In just another week it's a new year and time to think of your new goals and who and what you would like to add to your life. For now, I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday, and I hope these Christmas picture outtakes make everyone smile a little (making three dogs sit still in a snow storm is harder than I thought!)  Merry Christmas to you all!



  1. I love your positivity and your dogs are adorable! :)

    Little J Style

  2. Love your red coat! All of your photos look like a winter wonderland!