Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Red Wine kind of Night

Last night was the first night that finally felt like spring to me. Warm air, green everywhere with bursts of colors, pollen filling my eyes and lungs, and the smell of a promising summer to come.  I had worked the last three days and all my body wanted to do was collapse on the sofa and turn on the air conditioning. But as the sun seemed to shine brighter, the spring feeling lured me up off the sofa and out into a beautiful evening. I immediately felt rejuvenated and grateful for being able to walk barefoot in the grass and not feel cold in shorts and a t-shirt. 

After some fetch with the dogs, a run in the neighborhood with my husband, and a quick stick pick up in the yard, we realized why not turn our stick pile into a fire on the patio. Our fire pit was a quick buy from Walmart a few years ago when we first moved in together and although it may not have a lot of character, it has a lot of sentiment to the two of us and is here to stay. For the first outdoor fire of 2014 it only seemed right to pair it with some red wine. I am always open to trying any type of wine, but red wine is my number one choice. I have selected some of my favorite red wines that are budget friendly with a very rich taste. (Please note, my wine comments may not be “professional”, but they are described with great passion.)

  1. Clos du Val, Cabernet: Clos du Val is probably the fanciest wine on the list, but if you are a cabernet fan, you will not be disappointed. This is a perfect wine to start with while preparing dinner and to pair with an italian or a seafood meal. 
  2. Mark West, Pinot Noir: Whenever I open a bottle of Mark West pinot I know I will be able to have more than one glass. It is very light with still plenty of body and is very easy to drink during cocktail hour, dinner time, and after dinner. 
  3. Skinny Girl, California Red: Of course my Skinny Girl brand had to make the list. For me, always a great red no matter what the occasion may be
  4. Francis Coppola, Claret: I am a fan of pretty much all the Francis Coppola reds, but the Claret has a strong aroma and a very delicious taste. Sip slowly to enjoy. 
  5. Cupcake, Red Velvet: Cupcake makes a variety of wines that have a lot of bang for your buck. The red velvet is a varietal red that is smooth and has some hints of red berries. It’s right in the middle of not being too heavy or light of a red wine, but just right!

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