Friday, May 16, 2014


I have to admit, there are some days I look online at different locations around the world, feeling ready to pack my bag, kiss the fur babies farewell, and fly away. Believing the jet set life is just the fix I need and hoping it will be the next great adventure in my life. And then I realize I have five animals, a house, a job, only two days off, and was truly looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning. So what's a girl to do who has her heart set on a vacation, but wants to explore a new place?

The answer is a make my Saturday into a staycation.

Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to find a new area to visit I forget to realize we have so many great places within a short distance from my driveway. We all get the feeling of wanting and needing to get away, but for however many reasons know that it just won't happen. So instead of me being frustrated and disappointed, I decided to do my best and find and alternative solution.

I live about 45 minutes away from Clarks Summit, PA and decided it was just the right distance to feel far enough from home, but still make it back for my 10 o'clock bedtime. 

The first stop was actually in Dallas, PA at Bagel Art Bakery for fresh juices. Many people in the area may not know they offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices for an affordable price with no clean up and only deliciousness. They make a great green energy juice with spinach, kale, celery, and pears or one of my favorites with oranges, carrots, pineapple, and ginger. 

So we got our juices and took a beautiful scenic ride on the back roads to Clarks Summit and made our first stop at Carriage Barn Antiques

Outfit details: Theory sweater-similar styles found at Shooze, Kingston PA; Paige denim-similar styles found at Buka; Toms shoes-similar styles found at a Shoe Boutique

This antique store is a beautiful restored old barn with an eclectic mixture of home decorations including small treasures to dining room tables. Some of my favorite finds were a vintage typewriter from the 1940s, old suitcases that would be the perfect size to hold cards or photos for a wedding, and plenty of beautiful glass vases. My favorite find of the day though was a vintage roulette table from 1890 that we are still trying to create a space for in our home. It was in awesome condition with a little wear, but mainly resonating many nights of a good time and fun!

Our next stop was a local winery with a gorgeous view and fantastic wine. Maiolatesi Wine Cellars tasting room is located in Scott Township (about 5 minutes for Carriage Barn Antiques). They have their own private drive leading up to the winery.  Although it was a little chilly and gloomy outside the day we visited, the tasting room was very warm and inviting. The winery offers a wide range from awesome dry wines (we tried the reds) to sweeter fruit flavored wines. You can tell with each wine the different tastes and the hard work and care that went into making the wine. The owner has opened his talents and wine making skills to the public for over 15 years and it has flourished and grown into an awesome estate of passion, character, and most of all delicious wine. Going to Mailotesi's gives me a feeling of excitement to live so close to such a special business and a feeling of gratitude for someone willing and wanting to share their expertise with others. We left with a case of dry reds (the cabernet/merlot blend is mixed just right) and some really great sweeter wines-the Dolcetto is perfect when you want just a little sweetness to go with your pizza! We will definitely be back again soon to enjoy more wines and the beautiful deck with a picture perfect view, wine glass in hand. 
The beautiful wall of wine!

From left to right: Meritage, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet/Merlot blend, Dolcetto, Coal Miner's Red, and Mint Sweet Tea

Our day ran longer than expected and we decided to enjoy our newly purchased wine with pizza at home. It was great to wake up the next morning in our own bed with a fresh cup of coffee and two snuggly dogs. 

So next time you need to get away, remember a staycation may just do the trick. Take a little extra time to take a look what is right outside your door and be grateful for where you live. I know I am lucky to live in an area where people are passionate about creating an environment that gets their community excited to be a part of it and enjoy all it has to offer!



  1. I have been following your blog and loved your first paragraph. The glorious idea of getting away is so tempting, but then furbabies and a step-child hit you with reality. Plus, catching up on sleep seems much easier on a limited weekend. I definitely need a staycation!

  2. Thanks so much Kim for following the blog! I totally relate to you and the furbabies, so I hope you get a chance to create the perfect staycation!