Monday, May 12, 2014

Waiting for the Weekend

It seems not long ago the days used to gradually pass by, moving in slow motion while I was blissfully unaware. Each day as I get older, the time passes by faster and faster as I try to hold back the clock. There are so many Mondays that all I can think about is getting to the weekend. And then once the weekend comes, I wish the next 48 hours will feel like 48 days. 

Friday nights are my chance to catch my breath, feel my exhaustion, and embrace the weekend ahead. Every once in a while I come home from work, refresh myself, and head back out into the social world for the evening. But those who know me well know where I truly need to be- at home with fresh pizza, red wine, my animals and husband, and apple TV. I need that time to regain my sanity, have some extra calories, and just be happy. Everyone's Friday night may not be the exact same picture as mine, but maybe your feelings are similar. 

By Saturday morning I'm ready to roll. Having a cup of coffee in bed is just a little slice of heaven and makes me feel like I won a prize. Taking an extra moment for yourself is always therapeutic and balances me for most of the day. Saturday I am armed with lists and high expectations of tackling home projects, grocery shopping, while at the same time fitting in fun activities and social events. I want Saturday to be the most fun day ever and I am determined to make it happen. Sometimes I win this self-made challenge and sometimes I find myself wondering "How did my Saturday end up like this?" I realize I'm forgetting to enjoy the present time and allowing the day to fly by right in front of my eyes. Saturday becomes a packed day, and I am learning to do my best to pack it with mostly fun, a little bit of work, and a lot of deep breaths. 

Before I know it it's Sunday morning and I'm back in bed with my prized cup of coffee and this time with the Sunday paper, and I allow time  to just stop for that hour. But then the clock winds back up and time starts moving quickly forward. I try to envision my Sundays as a lazy morning turning into a semi-active day that includes a fun form of exercise like paddle boarding or going for a hike, eating home cooked meals, reading a good book with a cup of tea, and spending quality time at home slowly melting into a Sunday evening with the feeling of relaxation and peace.  This has happened to me before (I can't remember exactly when though), but outside distractions usually seep into my day of rest and turn Sunday into a marathon where I don't cross the finish line until 9PM (yes I like to go to bed that early). 

Sometimes my extra Sunday activities include lunch with parents, dinner with my Gram, or a birthday celebration, which are all welcomed unplanned events. And then sometimes they include a broken lawn mower, a sick dog, or ten loads of laundry. Either way, I am learning I only have so much control over these weekend days I think I can have planned down to the hour. And I'm learning that all of this is OK. It's ok for my Saturday morning coffee in bed to turn into an 8AM hot yoga class with green juice morning (yes I picked an alternative activity that makes me look healthy) or for my book reading tea drinking hour to become three hours of weeding and lawn mowing. 

I'm working on embracing each weekend for what it is, instead of what I'm forcing it to be. My hope is this will allow me to remember those days where I wasn't aware of every minute or every hour. Life is short enough and I don't want my weekends to feel any shorter. Sunday nights should be a time of reflection and gratitude of a weekend well spent and putting energy towards a positive Monday (note this may need to involve a glass of wine and a trip for ice cream). So this week I am making an effort to patiently enjoy the week and preparing to not prepare for a new weekend of time well spent, however it unfolds.


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