Saturday, June 28, 2014

Down to Earth

Deep down I know if I had to choose between the city and the country, I would choose the country every time.  The way my soul was made to thrive and find happiness surrounded by fields and trees and the sounds and smells of nature is just fitting for me.  But then again, I do also love the electricity of the city, the vibrancy of all the people and buildings, and the endless shopping, dining, and plays for me to enjoy.  

So fortunately no one is making me decide this choice today, but since it's summer time and the sun is shining more, I'm ready to be outside and soak up all this summer has to offer.  This past weekend myself, my husband, and my dad took a ride to Whistle Pigs Farm for pick your own strawberries.  It was the perfect setting with even more perfect strawberries.  

The task of picking your own food is very soothing to me and brings me down to earth-literally.  It's a way for me to appreciate how fresh produce is grown and then harvested, and then for me to eventually savor.  It is important for us all to be grateful for what our earth grows and lets us taste and enjoy.  Strawberry picking was a fun hour to bask in the sun, sample a few strawberries (I told the lady she should have weighed me before and after for pricing), and celebrate the simplicity of strawberry picking on a summer Saturday.  

I hope everyone takes a chance this weekend to get outside, enjoy the sun and beauty of the days, and do something that will literally and metaphorically, bring you back down to earth.  Happy Weekend!


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