Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

I was just reminded the other day that Father's Day is this Sunday. I'm usually on top of my holidays and have cards and gifts purchased weeks even months in advanced. But until yesterday I totally forgot about Father's Day. At first this makes me feel like a thoughtless daughter, but then I tried to give myself a little slack and realized I truly try to appreciate my father every day. 

I am the only girl of three children and have formed such a special bond with my dad . As a daughter reading this, I think we all find that soft spot in our fathers heart one way or another, creating memories that only fit in that space.  My dad and I have always been a good duo, working out together, traveling on spring break for every year in high school just the two of us, cooking in the kitchen, or just eating twizzlers and watching TV together.

No matter what we are doing together, my dad is always smiling, inspiring me to enjoy the journey and not rush to the destination. I am very lucky to have my dad in my life and that he always answers my 6:30am phone calls on my way to work with a jubilant good morning and encouraging words to help me through my day. 

He is a man who has truly allowed me to become my own person and appreciate being passionate about life. We all should take this day to remember the man or men who have allowed us to feel protected, loved, cherished, and encouraged. And it also doesn't hurt to give them a gift no matter how large or small to show them a concrete reminder of just how much you love having them as your dad. I chose some local options and ideas for gifts this Father's Day, but of course the ideas can be replicated anywhere in your own local shops.

For the man who can't get enough beer and wants to experiment with making his own. Beer Solutions in Wilkes-Barre has everything you need to make your first batch up right in your own kitchen.

Burlap and Bourbon is a mens store in Scranton and is newer to the downtown fashion scene and offers a great selection of casual wear from jeans to super soft cotton tees and sweatshirts. It has a great vibe and a very kind and energetic owner!

If your Dad is like mine he usually says he wants a hose or new work gloves for every gift.  So why not take it to the next level and get him a whole new gardening set of tools and gloves or an awesome hose reel that makes it so easy to move around your yard and wind up when your finished. Dallas Hardware is always willing to help you find what you need and can order many items for you as well.

For the price of gas and a packed lunch take your dad up to Rickett's Glen State Park to hike and see the beautiful water falls. It is a seven mile loop or you can shorten it to your desired distance and no matter how far you go, you will be amazed by such beauty so close to home. There are many places to stop and eat and take in the sounds of the water rushing over the rocks creating such a tranquil and peaceful setting. I recommend going earlier in the day to beat some of the crowds especially on the weekends.

Note Fragrances is a very unique fragrance boutique in downtown Scranton that is owned by a highly skilled and professional perfumer who is so graciously sharing her talent with the community. She has developed a one-of-a kind formula for a final product that will allow your senses to truly appreciate the art form of fragrances. Stop in and select a scent for your dad or even better, make a date with your dad and you both can create your very own scent.  The experience is very fun and allows you to experiment with an array of smells and aromas.

If your dad loves being outside and observing nature, a bird feeder may be the perfect gift. Sometimes bird feeders or bird baths don't seem like an item of need so treating your dad to a beautidully designed bird bath or a squirrel proof bird feeder is always a nice option.  All of these items can be found at Wild Birds Unlimited in Dallas, PA.

Happy Father's Day!


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