Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Art of Relaxation

It’s half way through the week and even though I have a wonderful week of vacation starting in a few days, I know it’s time for me to take a few extra breaths and unwind. Stress creeps up on all of us in so many different forms and often hides itself discreetly in our shoulders, our jaws, our skin, and in our minds. It is a creature we all would like to have the solution to control and keep at bay, but it has a funny way of cementing itself in our every day lives. 

I can openly admit that I often find my stress expressing itself in the form of overeating, exhaustion, and I hate to admit it, but some times anger. It is so easy for me to believe that an extra piece of chocolate cake or skipping my work out to watch television is going to melt my stress away. However, I have found this method to not work so well (most of the time). I am learning the better medicine to treat this stress is to get up with a smile, go for a run, give my body some healthy nutrients it needs and deserves, and count my blessings before I scream. I am practicing this method almost every day and am yearning to make it a daily habit and part of my normal routine. 

I know I like to believe I don’t sweat the small stuff and have an overall balance in my daily life. Some days I do, but some days I can’t see past the fog of tension and tiredness and all I can do to get through it is let it take over me. 

We all may have our own ideas on what will take the stress away, but one quick fix (we all love these kinds) I like to make for myself is at home scrubs I can keep in my shower or next to the tub to literally scrub away the stress on my body and refresh my mind. These scrubs most of you will be able to make by searching through your kitchen cabinets or just by a quick run to the grocery store. I am always looking to find the next best beauty product to work, but sometimes you will find you can create it yourself. Take an evening to use the Relax scrub and breath in the aroma of lavender as your mind and body slowly release tension. Start your day fresh with the Awaken scrub to get that extra whiff of coffee without even taking a sip. And after a long day at work or a day spent in the sun, use the Glow scrub to refresh and nourish your skin while still feeling bright and clean. I hope you all enjoy these scrubs as much as I do and please share any tips or new ideas you create as well!

1/2 cup coconut oil 
2 cups lavender epsome salt (Dr. Teal’s is great and you can find in most drug stores)
1/4 cup dried lavender 
2 tsp of lavender oil

1/2 cup coconut oil
1 cup raw sugar (I used Sugar in the Raw-most grocery stores carry this brand)
1 lemon zest and juice 
1 tsp lemon oil

1/2 cup coconut oil (Spectrum Coconut Oil for Body is awesome-Amazon carries the whole line)
1 cup raw sugar 
1/2 cup ground coffee


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