Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Beauty Essentials

When the weather changes, my skin changes.  Sometimes I need a little more moisture, some more protection, and a little extra help hiding some blemishes and dark circles.  And as the weather changes, the morning light is less and I don't give myself much time to get ready.  My daily beauty routine is pretty simple and involves minimal effort (I like to get ready in under ten minutes most days).  

I've recently come across the Caudalie line, which is from Bordeaux, France created from the family's vineyard.  The vines and the grapes grown there contain life-changing ingredients for your skin, and the company has a beautiful origin and story of amazing growth here on their website.  I am also an advocate for products NOT tested on animals and these products are not tested on our beloved animals.  I am finding I love every Caudalie product I try, but my two favorite essentials are using their Vinosource face serum right after washing my face in the morning and later in the day using the Beauty Elixir spray for the best face refresher ever (you seriously feel like you just got a mini facial at a spa).  

I've been using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 for my daily face cream and cover up and then I follow with the YSL Radiant Touch corrector to help brighten my eyes and cover any redness.  

I am able to easily refresh my hair with the Unite dry shampoo to help my hair last a few extra hours (or days, slightly ashamed) before I wash it again.  With a few sprays of my favorite perfume, I'm finished.  The nail polish is an added bonus if I have time to paint my nails.  I don't always treat myself to a manicure, but I have a strange enjoyment with collecting nail polish-the colors just make me happy!  These two Essie polishes are my go-to fall hues.  

Shop these products with the links below or share your favorite fall beauty must-haves here with me! 


Essie Polish Colors: Smokin Hot and Carry On | Perfume: Chanel COCO Mademoiselle Spray | Dry Shampoo: Unite 75seconds Refresher | Face Serum: Caudalie Vinsosource | Beauty Elixir: Caudalie | Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier | Radiant Touch: YSL | Candle: Diptyque

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  1. Essie makes the greatest fall nail colors =)