Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Night Out

It's been a long week, you need someone to cook for you, and you definitely need that glass of champagne.  As much as I love to cook at home with my husband most days of the week, sometimes by the time Friday rolls around, we need a break from the stove and oven mits.     

Last Friday night my husband and I decided to put on some nicer clothes (meaning something other than our usual jeans and a sweatshirt) and head out to try a new restaurant.  We were away for the weekend so it was a great excuse to give somewhere we had never been a taste test.    

It was nice to get a little dressed up, brush my hair, and put on a pair of heels.  Every once in a while a dinner out is needed to spend a little extra time looking at each other and having a meaningful conversation.  So many nights we cook up a storm and then from exhaustion, sit down at our table and turn on the TV to watch episodes of Scandal (I know, it's a good time pretty much most nights).  

But tonight I am encouraging you to put on that special sweater or new boots, experiment with a new lip color, and find a new restaurant to try or make a reservation at your favorite spot.  It's good to love home, but it's also necessary to get away for a few hours to realize how much you love home and how much you love when other people cook for you.  Enjoy your Friday night out and have a great weekend!


Sweater: 360 cashmere (similar style) | Pants: J Brand | Heels: Sam Edelman | Bag: Stella McCartney


  1. I love the color of your Sam Edelman heels. Enjoy a restful weekend, Laura :)

    1. Thank you! They are very comfortable too :)