Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Reading List

When the nights come earlier, the air is cooler, and my sweatpants are worn more often, I find myself quite often curled up on the sofa reading a new book.  I am easily pleased with a glass of red wine, a burning fire and an entertaining paperback in my hands.  I tend to go to Barnes and Noble with the intention of buying one book in particular, but am drawn to other  book shelves and tables, luring me in with new cover photos and the fresh smell of paper (book lovers you know what I am talking about, non-book lovers, you think I'm crazy). 

I have recently been enjoying more cookbooks and biographies with my usual fictional reads on the list.  Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist is a great combination of short stories and recipes combined neatly together.  The title itself was enough to draw me in (bread and wine, do we really need anything more?), but her writing and cooking tips keep my attention.  The Glitter Plan is an amazing book written by the two creators of Juicy Couture.  It is an amazing journey the two women embarked upon, working hard to create an empire while still maintaining a great friendship and a booming business.  

Someday, Someday, Maybe is written by Lauren Graham (yes, the Lauren Graham for all of you Gilmore Girls fans out there).  I am actually in the middle of reading this book right now and I can't put it down.  It follows a young actress try to make her dream of performing on Broadway come true while struggling to make it in New York City.  This is a story I feel I will never do, but love to read about anyway. 

So after you pick-up your new fall books (all available online at Barnes and Noble), find your cozy spot, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea and let yourself fall into another story or another adventure.  Let these books give your mind the chance to wander and dream.  You never know where a new book will lead you.  


1. Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham
2. Bread and wine by Shauna Niequist
3. The Glitter Plan by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor
4. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
5. A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable

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