Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Attire 101

My fall attire pretty much consists of boots, jeans, and really comfortable sweaters. As long as I have my three essentials I am a happy, cozy girl.  As much as I am sad to see summer slip away, I am secretly smiling at my fall wardrobe, dreaming of spending cool fall days with my dark jeans and riding boots (yes, I know clothes are inanimate objects).  

Taking this new route of fashion for me on the blog is definitely nerve racking and forcing me to get more comfortable in front of the camera for everyone to judge me.  Taking these photos creates a great sense of vulnerability, but I am learning with that also comes a sense of confidence in one's own skin.  

I am definitely not a model nor a stylist, and my photo shoot crew consists of one other person (thank you Dave).  However, I am having a great time laughing at the camera, communicating my vision through the camera, and allowing me to realize fashion can be fun and relatable to so many other women.  So I will continue to share my fall fashion favorites because it makes me happy, and I encourage you to do something this fall that brings you happiness and strength inside yourself.  


Sweater: Rachel Zoe (similar style) | Jeans: AG jeans (similar style) | Boots: Rag and Bone (similar style) | Necklace: Monica Rich Kossan | Sunglasses: Rayban 

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