Monday, September 29, 2014

Fitness from 9 to 5

Does anyone ever wake up with the best intentions to get dressed in their work out clothes, go to the gym or for a run, and then start doing ten other projects and never actually make it to the gym? But somehow you're still wearing your work out clothes? Well...this happens to me, a lot. At least a lot more than I would like it to during the week. 

I like to have the best intentions in the morning and take the first step and get dressed for a work out and then actually go work out.  But sometimes other unexpected events happen as the day unfolds or I need to run a few errands or meet up with someone for lunch.  Or...maybe you just like to wear work out clothes with no intention of going to the gym because those leggings and t-shirt are just that comfy (yea that happens to me a lot too).

Regardless of the reason, I have been noticing lately more fitness clothing companies are actually encouraging us to wear our gym clothes to more than just the gym.  Awesome women's fitness clothing companies such as me2Roo (my favorite) or lululemon are even providing us with the pieces to complete these looks.  My clothing for these photos are from Fabletics.  With a few simple adjustments to the outfit, a shoe change, and a necklace, you are transformed from going to the gym to having coffee with a friend or going to a casual business meeting.  So I thought I would give this idea a try.  To my surprise, it really isn't too hard (I did try on a few sweaters and shoes to figure out what I thought looked best for my style). 

Check out my photos below and try to picture taking some different shoes from your closet and your favorite sweater or fall jacket and pair them with your gym clothes.  If you want to add a little something extra try a casual scarf or a statement necklace.  While I always encourage actually fitting some form of physical activity into your day, sometimes you just have one of those mornings you need to get dressed for the gym, but you may not actually get to the gym until later in the day (or at all).  Just remember you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.  Happy work out (aka work out dressing!)


First Look: Actually going for a run

Top and bottoms: Fabletics | Sneakers: Nike | Sunglasses: Chanel

Second Look: Running errands or grabbing coffee

Top and bottom: Fabletics | Shoes: Toms | Sunglasses: Chanel | Scarf: Fabletics | Purse: Stella McCartney

Third look: Lunch date or casual business meeting

Top and bottoms: Fabletics | Sweater: Vince | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Purse: Stella McCartney | Sunglasses: Wish I was wearing them! | Necklace: Monica Rich Kosann


  1. I loove those Stuart Weitzman boots!!

    xo Kat

  2. Thanks Kat! Stuart Weitzman boots get me every time!

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