Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Farm Life

I think there is a remote control for my life similar to that of my DVR, I'm just not that good at using it. Sometimes my life is in triple speed fast forward and moments pass by in a blur. Rushing from getting dressed in the morning to making the coffee to feeding our mini zoo of animals and answering emails before thirty minutes of my day has even gone by and I'm already starting to break a sweat. Other moments in the day someone has hit the rewind button, and I feel a time in the day where I keep doing the same thing over and over again. Running on the treadmill, telling the dogs to stop eating the cat food, or making the bed, sometimes there are just periods of daily repetition.

The one button I can't seem to find on my remote though is the slow motion option. There are days that seem to fly by, which is definitely a good thing in my book (it means I'm enjoying the day and having fun), but sometimes I wish I savored the day a little bit more.  I love to plan out my days down to the details including what kind of nuts I'm going to put in my pumpkin pancakes to what bread I will need to make to go with my butternut squash soup (I seem to think a lot about food, don't judge).  Food or not, I love making the day feel fun and full of life.  But sometimes this backfires. I am running around like a fool trying to fit in all my details that should probably be spread out through the week, and I want to enjoy/complete them all by 5pm on Sunday.  Before I know it, I am exhausted, stuck on the couch, and wonder if I was even a part of my own day and if I even enjoyed it?

So this Sunday I took away the details.  I allowed the day to unfold as it wanted to without me medaling too much in its affairs.  Spending time outside and walking around finally gave me that feeling of hitting the slow motion button.  Stopping to visit with our ever growing extended family of dogs, going for walks on the farm, enjoying the last bit of summer green leaves blending with the beautiful fall hued ones, and of course eating something pumpkin (ice cream this time).  I finally felt refreshed and glad I allowed the day to move just at the right pace. So press the slow motion button at least once this week and watch how it makes you feel.


Top shirt: Madewell | Under shirt: Walmart | Jeans: J Brand | Boots: Russell and Bromley (similar style)| Hat: Rag and Bone (similar style) | Necklace: NYC find years ago (similar style


  1. slow motion button, love it! the days where you can just let things be are the best, most relaxing and rewarding. hope you have the chance for more days like that!


    1. Thanks Marissa! It's so true, glad someone else can relate! Xo

  2. Such a cute fall look! I love those boots <3

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

    1. Thanks Michelle! They were my first pair of splurge boots and they were definitely worth it! Happy Fall!