Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life's Road Maps


Life's journey seems to come with multiple road maps.  Each one has multiple paths with different endings and others you can pick up and find new beginnings.  With every new path ahead of us, we find ourselves faced with a new route and a choice to make a change or stay the course.  

I've always believed and been taught it is always important to choose a path and see it through.  Even if it's not the right one for you to stay on forever, it's always good to finish what you started and the experiences you gain along the way will always be souvenirs from your life travels.  

Along my journey so far I have ventured down a few unique paths, each one shaping my next route options.  I don't always choose the best rest stop, I've picked up and dropped off some passengers along the way, and I've found new treasures at each destination.  I am grateful for each path I've chosen or been led down and have grown from each experience.  In life we realize we need to make choices for ourselves that no one else can do for us, no matter how hard it is to do all on our own.  

So whether you are ready to make a bigger life change in a job or relationship, travel the world, buy or sell a home or a smaller change to eat a healthier lunch, run an extra mile, treat yourself to that new fall purse or extra funnel cake at the fair, remember each choice is yours and will shape your forever evolving path.  Travel each path with a conscious mind and an open heart and prepare yourself for travel.  After all, life is continuously a journey, and I plan to enjoy each new destination.


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